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What if friendship between peoples was as simple as a phone call?

Singa presents AlloMondo

platform to build bridges between people 

AlloMondo matches people together for a phone or video call :

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curious to broaden their horizons and find useful ways to spend their time.


anxious to contribute to their host communities, and for whom making friends in France is fundamental. 




Why AlloMondo ?

SINGA has been working on social bonding for years. Many studies have shown that it is the best weapon of mass inclusion:

Newcomers who boast a smooth integration process are often the ones who makes local friends within the first months of their arrival. Social bonding is the basis for inclusion, and, great news, it’s easy and free!


Why now ?

The confinement situation is unheard of :

  • we're no longer meeting anyone new

  • we  no longer have time to think, challenge our own beliefs about society, the environment, the future

  • but we have more time for others

Join us and meet your buddy !


How does it work ? 

Whether you’ve lived in France since forever, or just arrived, the process is the same

1. Fill out a short survey about yourself

2. We match you with

a person in your city with whom you share at least one language

3. Meet your buddy!

AlloMondo doesn’t share your contact info during the matching process. It’s up to you to exchange phone numbers, e-mails, or videochat through Whatsapp, Zoom, Meet, etc. 

connaissance ! 

4. Let’s change the world!

AlloMondo provides an icebreaker: fill out a survey together and reflect on how we all have different views of the world, ​the future, and each other.

5. Stay in touch!

If you get along, hang out after the confinement period is over! Grab a coffee, go for a run, to a museum or play frisbee together!

Have we convinced you ?

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